Who is SearingTruth?

About Our Founder

In his mid 40s, SearingTruth's eclectic career as a digital design engineer spans over two decades. He has entertained various positions as company owner, high level executive, consultant, inventor, and regular everyday man on the job. His achievements include the development of everything from biological neural simulators, to portable digital devices, to mainframe supercomputers.

However, the impetus behind everything SearingTruth has done is the betterment of humankind. In parallel to his primary career, SearingTruth has always written and spoken out about the critical issues and events that affect his people, which constitute every citizen of this earth. This has allowed him to step back, always viewing our world as a whole, instead of a disparate group of conflicted entities.

And thus his unique perspective into the problems and solutions confronting our world, that seem so insurmountable and hopeless to many others who would claim to guide or lead us today.

But what is his name? Well, due to popular demand, we will tell you. It is Mitch Muncrief. However, as he has said before, "Of all who knew his name, none knew his heart." And so still, he would prefer:
To all that query "Who would speak such words?", answer "An American."

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